Discover How You Can Own an Apartment with Your IRA

At first, before I knew anything about real estate, I didn’t know this! I thought that my only investment options in my IRA were stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. All low yield options, but I thought that is all there was. Then, I learned that there are many options for investing with my IRA. In fact, this is what got me out of the corporate job as a real estate investor! I learned that I could control my own IRA funds using a self-directed IRA mechanism (custodian, trust, qualified retirement plan, etc.). These funds were the funds were “managed” by a big brokerage or a financial planner, but now could be in my control.


Investment Plant on coins Innovative Multi Family Investments

Now, I didn’t withdraw the IRA funds and start investing, I rolled them over to a custodian (or into a qualified retirement plan). Since then, I have invested into many multifamily assets (over 1000 units!) in my self-directed IRA. And a huge upside for me was that it broke me out of my risk-adverse feelings about investing in real estate because I got to do it with future retirement money. It didn’t take long to realize that apartment investments can far out perform the low yield options I used to have.

Investment Plans Innovative Multi Family Investments


If you want to learn more please contact me. We just did a webinar on this very topic, and we will have more in the future. Click on Contact Us and let us know you’re interested in learning more about IRA or apartment investing. OR if you have a success story about your own experience investing into apartments using your self-directed IRA, please comment.

-Brian Darisay

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