How do I know I’m ready to Invest?

This is really up to you as an investor. Have you got all the information that you need to be qualified and prepared to invest in a multifamily property? We are here to provide all due diligence you need to move forward. We also have a few steps to build a relationship with you to best understand your investment experience and qualification of purchasing a multifamily asset with us. We require a couple forms to get this process moving. Click on the link, Investor Interest Form to complete this form.

How much money do I need to invest?

Each investment has a minimum investment set. Typically the minimum ranges from $50,000 to $100,000.

Why invest in multifamily real estate?

This is a big topic and we suggest you review our Learning tab. But here are some bullets to describe this in a nutshell to describe some of the upside to investing in multifamily …

  • The value of a property and equity in your investment are set by how the property is performing rather than fixed to the market as it is in single family investments
  • Multifamily has a history of Stable Occupancy
    • Multifamily continually out performs other real estate investment sectors
  • High Demand for Rentals
    • Home ownership out of reach and no longer expected
    • Demand for rentals has exceeded supply
    • Ownership no longer expected – “Echo Boomers”
  • Less Risk/ More Control
    • Equity and Value not directly dependent on market
    • Increase in value every year based on improved operations
  • Economies of Scale, one roof with multiple tenants
    • Tolerate vacancies
    • Leverage services with lower expenses; property management; staffing

Why is Texas an ideal market?

Texas is the primary market that IMFI invests. This is because of the strong economy in the state of Texas for some of the following reasons:

  • Strong economy performed well through recession and recovered faster than other states
  • Low state income tax attracts businesses
  • TX has low unemployment – typically lowest in nation
  • Average apartment occupancy of 90% and growing (with many cities higher)
  • Rent growth increasing – projected 3% or higher in most TX cities
  • High demand for rentals throughout state
  • New apartment construction low and absorption high
  • Path of progress in many TX cities
    • New construction (medical centers, education centers, governmental, infrastructure, sports stadiums, …)
    • Big box retail centers
    • New apartment construction
  • Insurgence of major corporations into Texas

What is my role once I invest with IMFI?

The typical role of the investor is as a passive owner of the property. The investor is free of managing the asset or the day-to- day operations called TTT (Toilets, Tenants, and Trash). This type of investments gives the investor a hands-off approach to the investment with the benefit of ownership in a multifamily asset.

How do I stay informed when I invest with IMFI?

Investors are considered part of the team and are frequently communicated with regarding significant changes to the property. Additionally the investors are provided with monthly property operations reports as well as a periodic review of property operations (i.e., quarterly) to discuss operations, capital improvements, market updates, etc.

How are the multifamily investments structured?

Typically each multifamily asset is held by a single Limited Liability Company (LLC) with a single purpose to own and operate the asset. The investor(s) purchase shares of the LLC. The manager, IMFI, provides oversight of the LLC to manage the operations of the LLC and the property asset as well as the property management company operations.


If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at innovate@imfi.us


Disclaimer: This is not a solicitation or offer of securities. Investment in HSS Investment Properties, LLC is offered only to qualified investors through a written Investment Agreement or Private Placement Memorandum.