Brian Darisay

Brian Darisay Innovative Multifamily Investments

Acquisitions & Asset Manager


Brian Darisay was formerly in executive leadership with over 25 years of experience in leading teams of software, systems, and quality engineers in the medical systems and medical device industry. Brian is now a professional real estate investor focusing on acquisitions of medium to large multifamily commercial properties in emerging US markets, as well as private trust deed investments and lending.

Brian has over 6 years of experience in apartment acquisitions and raising private capital for syndication of groups of investors. He has personally invested in over 700 apartment units with an additional 450 units (three 100+ unit apartment complexes) under his leadership as asset manager, managing partner and loan guarantor.

Brian is passionate about teaching and coaching entrepreneurial leaders in the real estate, private lending, and as a life coach. He is frequently invited to give presentations at investing conventions. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from San Diego State University.