Robert Stone

Robert Stone Innovative Multifamily Investments

Project Manager

Robert Stone is currently a successful Texas business owner for 28 years in the construction industry. During this time, Robert’s expertise included residential and commercial roofing, building new homes, and renovating neglected residential homes which he sold for a substantial profit.

Robert’s current rating with the Better Business Bureau is an A+. His focus is on the inspection end for each property using the due diligence process, a set of evaluations used to accurately confirm the conditions of a property or project. The due diligence process is utilized to clarify all facts about a potential property or project with a cost analysis that supports a final determination to purchase a property or pursue a project.

By providing an extensive inspection report, Robert maintains a level of integrity and professionalism, giving all parties involved full confidence in making a sound investment. Robert also holds a Level II Certification for the past nine years as an Inspector for major oil and gas companies. He serves as the General Contractor, and a Managing Member on various multifamily properties.