Saul Alarcon

Saul Alarcon Innovative Multifamily Investments

Chief Marketing Officer

Saul is the business development and marketing head of the company. He has background in home design and sales with companies like Home Expo and Home Depot. He started investing in real estate in 2003 and has extensive experience as an investor and operator of many real estate projects. Saul’s expertise includes renovating single family properties and acquiring/managing multifamily properties.

Saul possesses unique skills in building lasting relationships, especially with real estate brokers. He nurtures relationships by staying in contact with key individuals in the emerging markets in Texas where Innovative Multi-Family Investments acquires properties. This has allowed him to discover approximately 20 multifamily projects for acquisition since 2009, several of which were with prior companies before forming Innovative Multi-Family Investments, LLC.

In the apartment investing world, Saul is known for his keen approach to finding quality acquisitions through his tight network of industry professionals he’s built up over the years. He was recognized by a leading apartment investment author and trainer who awarded him Investor of the Year in 2010. In 2015 Saul was also honored with a “hall of fame” award for his investing prowess.